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Tales From the Abstract Garage presents two short stories about what can happen in the wee hours. In "Duet," (art by Jacob Warrenfeltz), strangers connect across a darkened street. In "Night of the Jackalope," (art by Art Hondros) a mysterious stranger faces off with a giant jackalope, only to discover the true monster. Special appearances by Lil' P.I. and Trina Trubble!


For this project, I had a few goals. One, I wanted to write two very different stories, both in content and form. "Duet" uses narration and silence and exists in the real world. For "Night of the Jackalope," I focused on dialogue, action, and mood. I also wanted to write for specific artists, targeting their strengths and interests and thinking about their styles. For Jacob, that meant people and motorcycles, but he also made layout choices I might not have that added to the laguid, twilight feel I hoped for. I knew Art would use pure black and white and etching-like crosshatcing, but he also added touches like the snake on the mysterious stranger's hat and hand-lettered sound effects.


If you enjoy the samples, you can buy the full 20-page comic at the DC Conspiracy Distro.

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