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Below, you can find links to .PDFs of some of my fiction work. They all fall in the general category of literary fiction, although Palace of Expression also has a thriller element.  Word of warning: because of language and some content, this work is not suitable for all ages.

"This Girl":

Recently published by Hedge Apple, "This Girl" tells the story of a musician in a Beatles cover band as she tries to choose between the band and something else. It also reimagines a scene from a novel in progress from the point of view of a background character.

Dignity: Stories

You can purchase this chapbook of four short stories from the DC Conspiracy Distro.

Four prose short stories about the necessity to give and receive empathy. In "Woodwork," Henry connects with his father-in-law Albert, who hides a recent loss. In "Dignity" Albert struggles with that loss and finds sympathy in an unexpected place. "The Cradle" follows the seemingly random thoughts of an elderly woman as she tries to reveal a family mystery to her loved ones. Finally in "A Major Key," a woman takes a moment out of life to revel in the power of playing music.


Heroes and Villains -- Part II, Chapter 2:

After the death of his grandfather, eleven-year-old Wes Mosby finds himself alienated from his father, who has become increasingly withdrawn and angry. Wes befriends his neighbor Stacey.  Already in junior high, though closer to Wes' age, Stacey seems grownup, reckless, and mysterious.  She is, in fact, as lonely as Wes.  This chapter focuses on their friendship.


Palace of Expression -- Chapters 1-3:

Two years ago, highway patrolman Andy Weichert responded to an accident that still haunts him.  The victims were the parents of Samantha Mathis, a childhood friend and long-term crush he hasn't spoken to since he delivered the news.  Convinced it wasn't an accident, he wants to discover the truth and ease Samantha's grief.  Samantha works as a waitress, and one night, three teenaged boys threaten her outside work.  She goes to Andy for help.  


Despite economic constraints, eighteen-year-old Rhonda "Honda" Wallace sees possibility where others wouldn't, especially in Rory McDonough, an awkward boy at her community college.  However, she doesn't realize that Rory knows the three boys and how Samantha's parents died.  


Samantha's uncle, Honda and Rory's teacher, and glass artist Arthur Rheingold believes that God caused the ills of the world, that His creation, like all works of art, has a flaw – he made human connection absolutely necessary but near impossible.  In response, Arthur wants to build a glass palace on the accident site, a place that will unite people and fix the flaw.  His desire brings these five lives together and forces the truth, violence, and love into the open.


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